Lord Bishop Horaga Verestian

A heavy set man with a lantern jaw, long black hair, and a full beard


Standing at 6’ 2" and 290 lbs, the Lord Bishop is a large man with a florid face, a nose full of broken veins, piercing black eyes, and long black hair, Lord Bishop Verestian is best known for his work during the Ghonostian Heresy as well as his work in converting the heathens during the Third Great Crusade and makes sure that nobody forgets his deeds by wearing a double-wide golden edged crimson sash contained literally dozens of badges and medals awarded by the Empress and the Pope themselves.

He keeps his long black hair oiled and in a braid, his beard is well trimmed, comes to his mid-stomach, and is oiled to hold its shape.


Seen as a ruthless enforcer of Church doctrine and a incorruptible zealot who’s motivation is to stamp out heresy and demon worship wherever he finds it. Known for the “12 Night of 1,000 Pyres” where he consigned over 30,000 heathens to purifying fire so they could enter the Kingdom of Light, he is considered a formidable political and religious force.

The Lord Bishop volunteered to lead the Church contingent of the colony, and denounced Admiral Schozina as a heretic and hidden cultist soon after the tusker pirates were routed.

Even the tusker savages know to fear the imposing churchman.

Lord Bishop Horaga Verestian

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