Lord Captain Hargalan

A tall weedy man with a weak chin that his goatee does not hide, watery hazel eyes, and thick brown hair.


Standing at 5’ 8" and weighing in at 195 lbs, Lord Captain Melzusa Hargalan tries to put forward the appearance of a perfect officer. His chainmail is always highly polished, his blade is always polished and carefully sharpened, and his black leather boots are highly polished. He wears his gold edged crimson rank sash, with the badges for Third Great Crusade, Siege of Shazartian, and Officer of the Blood on it.

His long mane of brown hair is often slicked with grease and swept back from his forehead. His thin and long goatee is often braided with small clay beads in it. His weak chin and long hooked nose is still obvious, and he waxes his eyebrows so as to not interfere with the lavish makeup he wears whenever he is meeting with church officials or working in his office.


Lord Captain Hargalan claims to have been involved in heavy fighting during the Siege of Sharzatian, pointing to the long thick scar on his upper right arm that he claims was done by a Lagoo longsword.

His appointment to the colony forces came late, only the day before the ships lifted anchor. His immediate superior died of dysentery on the second month of the voyage, and his other superior officer was found guilty of allowing heresy and demon worship to flourish and was allowed to commit suicide rather than burn alive of the ‘Writ of Exploration’ when it was cleansed with holy fire of cultist taint the third month out.

He often lets others know that he believes in firm discipline and will not abide any slackness in his Church Army detachment of 179 survivors of 400.

Lord Captain Hargalan

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