Discovered only 20 years before the Minor Fifth Crusade, the mysterious continent across the Dark Sea of Storms was left to its own devices as the Namothian Church continued their attempts at stomping out the Orcus worshiping savages of Uralagonith. A few of the crews of the initial exploration ships mutinied and returned to Arkravia, turning to piracy to sail across the Dark Sea of Storms to commit piracy and loot coastal cities of the pious peoples of Cartagie and the other peoples of the Holy Namothian Empire.

The Great Third Crusade put an end to the Uralagonith Heresy, allowing the Empire of Cartagie to petition Pope Hulgurth VII to colonize the mysterious continent of Arkravia. The Empress Mertaviana drafted hundreds of troops, recently returned from the Great Third Crusade, as well as recruiting her fourth cousin, Admiral Karevit, to lead the 25th Fleet in guarding the colonist on their journey to Arkravia.

The continent is known to be rich in gold and gems, with the primitive tuskers that the initial exploration party encountered wearing it as jewelry and telling of a city where the streets were paved with gold and gems.

The rich hardwood forests surrounding the port city of Vertenaik (Formerly the pirate haven Threbella) await harvesting and shipment back to the One True World. The crude but muscular tuskers, with their green skins and savage lifestyle, will only benefit from the light of civilization that the Holy Namothian Empire could bring them.

Riches, noble titles, and land await those brave enough to seize it from unlettered savages who do little more than squat upon it like base animals.


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