Dark Heart of Arkravia

All right, it’s time to bring The Lord to the primitive heathens of Arkravia.

The Pope of the Namothic Church has blessed Empress Mertaviana of Cartagie’s pledge to bring the light of civilization to the benighted heathens of the newly discovered continent of Arkravia, as well as to bring the wealth of the natives of the Far World, which they are just squandering in their heathen ways, back to the One True World.

With the end of the Great Third Crusade, which finally brought the light of Namotha to the poor uncivilized heathens of Uralagonith and displaced their corrupt and demon worshipping cult following leaders with properly pious Church blessed rulers, the nation of Cartagie has decided that the time is right to increase their presence on the continent of Arkravia and bring the light of the Church to the pagans and heathens that infest that rich and untapped land. Soldiers who fought in the Great Third Crusade, lesser sons of noblemen, church officials, and those commanded by the Empress have been given the opportunity to earn land grants, wealth, and power.

The Empress sent for a dozen ships of the Imperial Navy, including the dreadnaught Holy Writ of Fire, to escort the nine ships of the colonization effort. Three of the naval vessels were supply ships, two ships of marines, and the rest to protect the fleet as well as follow the maps obtained from lawless pirates in order to find a suitable landing spot for Ccartagie’s first colony outpost. The nine colonization ships included six ships of slaves and serfs taken in the Third Great Crusade, although a storm sunk two and the discovery of a vile cult of demon worshippers who had sold their souls to Orcus resulted in another filled with the cultists and set afire to ensure that the depravity and heresy of the cultists did not flourish amidst the ignorant Lagoos.

The Imperial Navy led the colonists and nobles to the Far World, following pirate ships that had preyed upon the troopships and supply ships of the Great Crusades, crushed the pirate forces, and ensured that Cartagie citizens will be living in safety in what was formerly Threbella, now named Vertenaik in honor of the Blessed Empress’s now deceased husband. Once the city had been secured, the Imperial Admiral sent word that the colonists could make landfall from where he had installed himself in the palace. However, once the pious servants of the church made landfall they discovered that the Admiral had fallen into sin and had no choice but to burn him at the stake to purify his soul, as well as seize the palace in order to consecrate it to the Namothic Church, as well is install a proper church garrison to be sure that no-one else fall prey to the temptation of sin.

The group has just arrived, enduring the harsh four month journey across the Dark Sea, to the shores of the Far World. Sure, 40% of the serfs and slaves on the ships have died, but there are the heathen natives to take up the slack when they get there. Besides, Bishop Juan Frella rooted out and punished those of the slaves and serfs taken from Uralagonith during the Third Great Crusade who insisted on worshipping the heathen ways they had when they were captured, so they deserved what they received in the name of Namotha.

With the scent of fire consecrated flesh still in the air and the wailing of confused and frightened superstitious locals and Lagoos mingling with the scent of proper church justice, the group has moved down the gangplank and is now ready to bring the light of the One True God to the dark heart of Arkravia.

Dark Heart of Arkravia

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